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Who we help

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Eating disorders and body image issues

I work with those who are:

  • weight-restored and in the process of recovering from an eating disorder
  • feeling bad about the way they look
  • struggling with perfectionism
  • longing for freedom from an exhausting battle with food and body
  • looking to move away from diet culture into food peace and body acceptance
  • recovering from weight stigma and fat-phobia

Family members of those with eating disorders

  • parents feeling lost and uncertain of how to support their teen, including:
    • how to talk about food and weight
    • how to get help
    • what steps to take
  • partners wanting to help their loved one with eating disorder recovery and not knowing how
  • other family members, siblings, friends looking for support in coping with having a loved one with an eating disorder

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Woman holding a yellow flower outside

Trauma and stressful life experiences

  • PTSD related to a traumatic/stressful life event
  • Complex PTSD related to:
    • ongoing exposure to danger or neglect
    • childhood trauma/stress
    • hurtful relational experiences
  • depression or anxiety rooted in traumatic life experiences
  • chronic illness or pain potentially related to exposure to trauma

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Couples seeking my help are usually those who are:

  • feeling disconnected and lacking intimacy
  • struggling to communicate in an effective way
  • dealing with trust issues
  • having difficulty with conflict resolution
  • at any stage in their relationship
  • wanting to set more boundaries in a healthy manner
  • desiring to do preventative work prior to taking the next step in a relationship

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Couple holding hands while holding baby's feet

Everything else


  • teens and young adults navigating through life events and hardships
  • learning how to have healthier relationships, including a more secure attachment, clearer boundaries, and assertive and kind communication

Life transitions and stress

  • moving from middle school to high school, high school to college, college to career, and beyond
  • parents getting a divorce
  • transitioning from singlehood to coupling
  • becoming parents
  • launching your children into adulthood

Premarital/Pre-Cohabitation counseling

  • couples looking to establish a strong relationship bond and helpful skills prior to tying the knot or moving in together

Spiritual issues

  • individuals wanting to explore their spirituality and what it does or does not mean to them
  • developing their own spirituality independent of their family of origin’s views
  • processing through emotions, thoughts, or trauma related to one’s religious or spiritual history
  • unpacking the influence of religion on one’s sexuality and/or identity

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